Gordon Ramsey. Ugh I just find him so damn attractive. Anyone seen the show he does where he cooks at home? One episode he was teaching his daughter how to cook something and it melted my damn heart. So patient and calm. Yet he can be so fiery. OKAY I HAVE ISSUES. » 10/21/14 10:58pm Yesterday 10:58pm

Losing a purse/wallet is the fucking pits. I lost mine for a few days and I ended up finding it in the couch under the cushions. How it got there is a mystery to me but boy was I glad to find it. Sending positive vibes your way and hopefully your purse turns up soon! » 10/19/14 9:58pm Sunday 9:58pm

Yes actually it just might mean they don't have that disorder. There are varying degrees to mental health disorders such as mild, moderate, severe. If you display some symptoms but it is not affecting your life to a large enough degree it may be referred to as "subclinical", meaning you are affected but not enough to… » 10/19/14 2:10pm Sunday 2:10pm

I'm your age and I don't think I will ever come out to my family. I am one of those pussy bi people who hides behind her social (for the time being anyway) straightness. I hate myself for all intents and purposes pretending to be straight, but I feel like if I came out to my family it would only cause deep confusion… » 10/17/14 9:21am Friday 9:21am

I'm a size 12 and I wear chunky sweaters. I know for sure at least one of them (the one that is actually a men's sweater) makes me look even bigger. That is because I am kind of pear shaped, and it just makes me look like my top half is bigger than my lower half. » 10/11/14 11:29am 10/11/14 11:29am